9 September - 18 October 2015

9.09 - 18.10 2015











Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 Body Building Installation to remain open for public until end of 2016


The large spidery installation that was erected in front of the Estonian Museum of Architecture to mark the beginning of the third installment of Tallinn Architecture Biennale back in 2015, will remain in place until the end of 2016 for public viewing. The structure titled Body Building was designed by curators of the TAB 2015 main exhibition, architects Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam, and quickly became one of the most photographed objects of the biennale in the public space of Estonia’s capital.

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"9 Conditions of Riga" opening on Thursday


Exhibition "9 Conditions of Riga", curated by Oskars Redbergs will open on Thursday at 17 in Telliskivi Creative City Red Hall (Punane Saal). The exhibition will remain open until 29th October. 

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TAB Vision Competition wraps up for 2015


The results of the TAB Vision Competition “Epicentre of Tallinn” together with comments of the jury for each awarded entry have been published on the competition website now. Exhibition attracted 18 000 visitors.

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TAB in international media


TAB has been featured in several reports and reviews, among others in Euronews, YLE, ArchDaily, Helsingin Sanomat, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Latvian TV, livegreenblog.com, Arterritory etc. A selection of coverage here.

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Uber gives a free ride to TAB


Install Uber app, enter promo code BIENNAAL, call a car and use it for a free ride up to a value of 15€. New users can use the code for their first ride.

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In TAB-Club this week


TAB-Club offers discussions and film nights. Tonight a public discussion about the impact of self driving cars to public services, tomorrow a virtual reality workshop for professionals. On Thursday there will be a seminar on architectural heritage of Riga nad Tallinn and from Friday through Sunday a series of film nights. More about TAB-Club programme here. The events in TAB-Club are free of charge. Follow TAB-Club on FB.

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bodyBUILDINGbody dance performance at TAB main exhibition


The main exhibition of TAB Body Building will offer a backdrop and context for the premiere of dance performance bodyBUILDINGbody by Maarja Tõnisson on Thursday, 17th September at 19. The performance will create a sensual spacial collage of movement, sound, video and the installations of the exhibition in Estonian Museum of Architecture. Tickets available for €10 at Piletilevi and at venue.

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Main exhibition of TAB "Body Building" will open tonight


The main exhibition of Tallinna Architecture Biennale “Body Building”, curated by Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam, will open tonight at the Museum of Estonian Architecture. The exhibition presents an impressive line-up of internationally renowned architects and researchers, experimenting on the borderline of architecture, using new materials, cutting edge technology (robotic fabrication, multi material 3d printing, real time data analyses) and reaching out to new disciplines (fashion, engineering).

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Enhanced Urban Movement has won the TAB Vision Competition


The entry Enhanced Urban Movement by Clement Lobbens and Frederique Barchelard (Denmark) has won the Vision Competition of Tallinn Architecture Biennale “Epicentre of Tallinn”. The model of the winning entry along with other works of the competition is exhibited at the Viru Keskus until 30th September.

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President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves has opened the TAB Symposium


The international TAB Symposium “Hyperlocal City” has kicked off today at Kultuurikatel with an address by the president of Estonia. Ilves said: "Just as architects have to make sure they understand enough engineering to build a building that not only looks nice but also won’t fall down, in the future, if you are going to use the new technology, it is your moral obligation to understand IT well enough to avoid the potential threat.”

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TAB installations around town


TAB will move to the streets of Tallinn with a series of installations. The curators of TAB main exhibition “Body Building”, Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam are building an installation in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture to serve as a conceptual landmark and signage for the exhibition but also an artwork in its own right. A smaller scale removable version of the installation will be opened on Tallinn’s main square, Vabaduse väljak, on 12th September.

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Kodasema introduces its first house at TAB


What if you looked at the construction business from a fresh angle? What if you looked at a house as a whole and not as a complicated aggregation of ventilating shafts, glazed tiles, grout and silicate. What would our houses look like if architects and designers, engineers and builders, academics and practitioners all worked together towards the same goal, in the same spacetime?

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Tickets for TAB Symposium available at door


Tickets for the TAB Symposium on 10th and 11th September will be available at the door for 15€ for a one day ticket and 25€ for a two day ticket. Free entry for TAB pass holders. The Symposium "Hyperlocal City" takes place at Kultuurikatel, Põhja pst 27a.

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TAB invites to visit architecture bureaus


Five architecture offices will open their doors to visitors on the opening day of TAB, 9th September from 11:00. TAB wants to offer visitors and local architecture friends an insight how the best local architects spend their working hours. This time, the tour will be on self-driving mode - you can visit as many offices as you wish.

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TAB 2015 opening next week


The first events of TAB 2015 will kick off this week already with the opening of the "3DL - Architectural Algorithms and Ideas in Space" exhibition on the 3rd September at 18 in the Estonian Design and Architecture Gallery. Have a look at the detailed programme of the opening week!

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Exhibition devoted to the Architecture and Urban Regeneration of Riga – "9 Conditions of Riga"


Exhibition "9 Conditions of Riga: Regeneration and Transformation of the City – Urban Environment and Architecture” is a satellite event of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 programme. The exhibition "9 Conditions of Riga" contributes to the overall theme of the biennale “Self Driven Cities” by questioning whether and how the very inhabitants or the 'self' of the city can actually maintain and influence or rather ‘drive’ the politics of the built environment and the city.

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World Without Architect?


Architecture as an industry stands at the threshold of new industrial age, based on intangible and intellectual processes instead of material and technical duties. How can architects benefit from this paradigm shift and build for the future by taking part in creation?

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TAB main exhibition participants announced!


TAB main exhibition "Body Building", curated by Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam, presents an impressive line-up of internationally renowned architects and researchers, experimenting on the borderline of architecture, using new materials, cutting edge technology (robotic fabrication, multi material 3d printing, real time data analyses) and reaching out to new disciplines (fashion, engineering).

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OPEN CALL: Workshop on Tallinn-Helsinki Tunnel


Estonian Association of Architects invites to a joint workshop of Estonian and Finnish architects to visualize the impact of Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel on urban environment and to work out different scenarios.

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TAB offers home accommodation to guests


TAB is offering home accommodation to our foreign guests to get a real insiders’ view of life in Tallinn. Based on the idea of the popular Couchsurfing we will connect TAB visitors with Tallinn locals, who wish to open their homes for guests. This great opportunity is free of charge for all participants.

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Fly to Tallinn with Estonian Air!


Estonian Air is offering a 15% discount for TAB guests from all destinations. Estonian Air operates direct flights to Tallinn from major European cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris and many others.

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Volunteer for TAB!


Are you looking for exciting volunteering opportunities? Well, we've got something for you! TAB is looking for VOLUNTEERS. We rely on our volunteers and interns to help organise the best and biggest architecture event in Estonia and the Baltics – and in exchange you get the unique close-up view of how an event if this scale is organised.

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How to get your competition materials printed in Estonia


We have good news for everyone taking part in TAB 2015 Vision Competition – in case you are interested in local printing partners, our good friends at Koopia Kolm print-shop will help you print and deliver all materials requested in the competition rules to our offices.

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TAB 2015 announces Vision Competition "Epicentre of Tallinn"


Tallinn Architecture Biennale has announced the vision competition "Epicentre of Tallinn" to find a design solution for intersections in the future, when only self-driving 
cars will drive on the city streets. The international one-stage architecture competition invites entries by the end of May.

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