9 September - 18 October 2015

9.09 - 18.10 2015











Kodasema introduces its first house at TAB


What if you looked at the construction business from a fresh angle? What if you looked at a house as a whole and not as a complicated aggregation of ventilating shafts, glazed tiles, grout and silicate. What would our houses look like if architects and designers, engineers and builders, academics and practitioners all worked together towards the same goal, in the same spacetime?

We built the KODA house thinking about these questions, about all these “what if’s”. A house that adjusts with the surroundings, saves energy, is movable and able to learn. And is affordable, just like a car.

Kodasema will present its KODA for the very first time at Tallinn Architecture Biennale and followed by the Design Night Festival. You will find the house and the team just outside Kultuurikatel. Come by and have a chat with us! KODA is open 10-13 September at 1-10 pm.

Team behind KODA:
Hannes Tamjärv, Taavi Jakobson, Ülar Mark
Kalev Ramjalg, Marek Strandberg, Andres Kaur