9 September - 18 October 2015

9.09 - 18.10 2015











World Without Architect?


Architecture as an industry stands at the threshold of new industrial age, based on intangible and intellectual processes instead of material and technical duties. How can architects benefit from this paradigm shift and build for the future by taking part in creation?

Latvian team consisting from 5 young and bright minded people from architecture and tech industry believe that virtual reality will revolutionize architecture practice in terms of planning and modelling and communication between architect and client.

World Without Architect? exposition is a Virtual Reality(VR) rig that will allow every visitor to virtually build a simple house, place it in a real neighbourhood, customize the properties of the building and finally to print it out on Mass Portal

3D printer right at Kulturi Katel. All the virtual objects will be shown on World Without Architect website. Although the software is under development this will demonstrate well the near future possibilities.

The World Without Architect? exposition demonstrates how anyone anywhere in the world can engage in full architectural cycle from designing to physical production of one’s imagination.

Authors have already thought about further development of software for architects, engineers and designers that would provide editable common interactive space and unique experience to feel the space and dimensions therefore eliminating miscommunications and incomprehension that arises between project plans, sections and elevations. Software will provide real time user experience and interaction with easygoing tools like notes and voice recording. It will be professional tool for architects and other specialists as for anyone interested - translating the projects and expressing their desires in spatial language.

For further information please visit www.worldwithoutarchitect.com



We are thankful to gather partners that strongly believe and support inter-disciplinary partnerships between high tech and creative industries. Municipal Agency RIGA CITY ARCHITECT’S OFFICE, The State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvian Association of Architects, Mass Portal, Leap Motion