9. september - 18. oktoober 2015

9.09 - 18.10 2015











ON + OFF.(Dis-) Embarking Rhythms of Transient Communities kutsub töötuppa ja bussituurile


ON + OFF. (Dis-) Embarking Rhythms of Transient Communities cuts töötuppa ja bussituurile neljapäeval, 17. septembril kell 11. Ettekanded oimuvad Tallinna sadama D-Terminalis Lootsi 13, 3. korrusel. Kell 14.30-17.30 toimub bussituur, väljasõit D-terminali eest. Osavõtt tasuta, palutakse registreerida mailiga Tarmo Piknerile. Üritus on inglise keeles.

The specific geopolitical location and the recent political and socio-economic transformation of Tallinn also triggered and redirected routes and patterns of transnational mobility and migration between the Baltic realm, Russia, Scandinavia, and Central Europe. These streams of mobility show an influx on the transformation of urban space while individuals and groups develop new methods to appropriate and make sense of these spaces.The bus tour will follow flows of mobility and visit relevant sites, e.g. wholesale markets, logistic hubs for processing goods, real estate projects for foreign investment such as the BLRT harbour front re-developments, nodes for transnational mobility like the current Tallinn harbour terminals, whose massive influx of passengers has an enormous impact on the perception and production of spaces in Tallinn.
Project presentations by guests will open a wider scope of scientific and artistic works related to the issue of mobility and transformation.
11:00 to 13:00
Thematic Presentations:
Damiano Cerrone - A sense of place: Hacking the invisible city through social media
Ingrid Ruudi - Naissaar: extraterritorial utopian zone of the transitional era
Jaak Kilmi - Stories about the Finnish TV and other influx during the Soviet time
Keiu Telve - Estonian commuters in Finland – The good migrants
Moderated by Tarmo Pikner, Michael Hieslmair and Michael Zinganel