9 September - 18 October 2015

9.09 - 18.10 2015










Meet the team

Marten Kaevats. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Marten Kaevats
architect, urban planner

Marten Kaevats, the head of TAB 2015 curatorial team, studies the impact of various scalable technologies on the spatial behaviour of individual people and communities, as he believes that the third industrial revolution and the hyperlocal model of life will create reformatory changes to the spatial and social behaviour of people. Marten is also an active member of several civil society organisations; having among other things led the team that won second place at the design competition for the Monument to the Estonian War of Independence, he was also one of the founding members of the Uue Maailma Selts (New World Society) in 2007 and contributed to the creation of freeware community web platform Community Tools, established in 2008.

Anu Lill
Anu Lill. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull

makes TAB happen

Besides leading the production process of the biennale, Anu is writing her master thesis at the Tallinn University Institute of Communication on the representation of new immigrants in media. Before joining the TAB team, Anu worked as the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan, was the marketing and PR head of an Estonian tech and design start-up Bolefloor and gained experience also on the other side of the pond, in the media and development team of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. She’s a tremendous travel enthusiast.

Arhitekt Must. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Arhitekt Must

Arhitekt Must, who curates the TAB Tallinn Vision Competition, is an Estonian architect. Must studied interior architecture, architecture and urban planning at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and gained experience in a number of architectural MA programmes at several top universities (London, Copenhagen, Delft, Vienna). Arhitekt Must teaches first year architecture students at the Estonian Academy of Arts and publishes concept projects in media on a regular basis, being often the one to spark wider discussion about changes in the city space. The daily aim of Arhitekt Must is to set up an architecture and design bureau.

Ivan Sergejev. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull

Ivan Sergejev
architect, blogger, sci-fi fan

Ivan curates the TAB 2015 Symposium. He has gained experience at a number of architecture offices worldwide, most notably the world's leading office for architecture and cultural analysis Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in New York City. Being a Fulbright Program alumnus and a co-founder of the US-based Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society, Ivan is passionate about crossing disciplinary and cultural borders in order to help build a more understanding and coherent world.

Helen Pau. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Helen Pau
Co-founder and researcher, NGO SPIN Unit

TAB-Lab curator Helen has originally graduated as a book and leather artist at Estonian Academy of Arts. Her admiration for space between the letters, words, pages and covers of the books has transformed into wider curiosity and exploration of space between persons, buildings and other elements existing around us and different synergies created in-between. In her research work, Helen’s pondered the following questions – how is light perceived during night time? Does street lightening have any correlation with crime? How could we use data produced by different social networks in urban planning?

Damiano Cerrone. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Damiano Cerrone
Co-founder and researcher, NGO SPIN Unit

TAB-Lab curator Damiano Cerrone trained as a spatial planner and analyst first in Rome, at Sapienza University, and later at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, where he received a master of science in urban studies. During his studies he worked on intense research programs in the cities of Tallinn, Helsinki, Rome and is collaborating and principal investigator now in New York at Michael Sorkin's TERREFORM centre for advanced urban research. He is currently coordinating the work of the SPIN Unit, a transnational urban planning research group, while carrying out a practice-based PhD at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Sille Pihlak. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Sille Pihlak
architect, co-founder of PART (Practice for Architecture, Research and Theory)

Sille is one half of the two curator-team behind TAB 2015 Main Exhibition "Body Building".
Lecturing at the Estonian Academy of Arts, co-curating of the Open Lecture Series and architecture associate editor in Müürileht and Wader.

Sille has worked at Morphosis (Los Angeles) and Coop-Himmelblau (Vienna) and studied at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien (University of Applied Arts Vienna), SCI-Arc (Southern California institute of Architecture) and EAA (Estonain Academy of Arts).

Siim Tuksam. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Siim Tuksam
architect, co-founder of PART (Practice for Architecture, Research and Theory)

Siim is one half of the two curator-team behind TAB 2015 Main Exhibition "Body Building". He has MA degree from University of Applied Arts Vienna, tutored by Greg Lynn, and has gained experience at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and a number of architecture and design bureaus. Siim studies the opportunities, tendencies and impact in architecture of computer-led technology and materials’ research. Siim was co-curator of Interspace, the Estonian exhibition at the 14th La Biennale di Venezia International Architecture Exhibition. He is member of the Union of Estonian Architects.

Maria Derlosh. Photo: Meeri-Marie Rull
Maria Derlosh

Maria curates the TAB Club programme and studies also at Urban Studies MA programme at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She is an active member of the urban issues competency centre Linnalabor - Estonian Urban Lab, working on a diverse selection of city-related issues. From 2013, Maria organises Urban Expeditions, a series of tours to draw attention to important phenomena and locations and raise awareness of city-users. As the head of Lasnaidee, a group focussing on one of Tallinn’s biggest residential area Lasnamäe, Maria works with the Lasnamäe citizens on researching and drawing attention to the area.

Maret Koplus
volunteer co-ordinator, consultant at the communication bureau of the Government Office of Estonia

Maret takes excellent care of all the volunteers of TAB. She works at the communication bureau of the Government Office of Estonia, but is taking the best out of her maternity leave with tiny sweet Matilda at the moment. Maret has been volunteering and leading volunteers for years and hopes to help along the development of volunteer coordination and volunteering-related policy in Estonia. She’d be over the moon if you filled in the questionnare to become a TAB volunteer right now.

Rebecca Kontus
Rebecca Kontus
TAB Satellite Events programme curator

Architect and urban designer Rebecca has a Masters degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Rebecca is one of the authors of the winning entry of the international invited competiton for Noblessner quarter in Tallinn, which took place in 2014. She works architectural studio PLUSS, where she specialises in public space design.

Rebecca's passion is jazz, she graduated from Tallinn Georg Ots Music School and has a degree from CIM Jazz Academy in Paris. She has also produced five of her own solo albums.