9 September - 18 October 2015

9.09 - 18.10 2015










Visit Estonia & Tallinn

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a great opportunity to look around this Northern corner of the world.

Tallinn – where high-tech meets Middle Ages

With under half a million citizens, Tallinn is hardly a world metropolis. However, short distances and low traffic are advantages to cherish. Medieval Tallinn Old Town, one of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world, is just a short walk away from the city business centre with luxury hotels, office towers and shopping malls. And not to forget about the trendy Kalamaja area by the seaside, favoured by the creative young generation, with its bustling foodie scene.

Estonia – lab for great ideas

Estonia is often seen as the world’s leading innovator against the backdrop of untouched nature and rich medieval heritage. Your daily communication tool Skype was born here and due to its small size the country is an ideal testing ground for ground-breaking technologies, with e-residency being the latest one to capture world-wide interest. While adept and enthusiastic users of new technologies (like online voting, signing documents, paying taxes online etc), Estonians are nature-bound and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle – moors, beaches, lakes and forests are still the favourite hideaways for Estonian.

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